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24 HR One particular church, the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church hosts the “Little White Church Sessions” at their historic Allen Chapel (est. 1885) in downtown Yankton. The sessions include nationally touring acts, and the admission is often a simple free-will donation. The purpose isn’t to make money. It is to make memories- for both the musical ensemble and the listeners. Groups that have performed at the AME Church remark that it is a favorite venue and one to which they hope to return. When an artist likes a venue and a venue is home to listeners yearning for a shared musical experience, the result is truly special. There’s no shortage of unique venues in Yankton. Another concert series, the Summer Concert Series, sponsored by Yankton Area Arts, takes place at the amphitheater in Riverside Park on Tuesday evenings during the summer. Rock N’ Rumble hosts a concert downtown as part of the festivities each year. Of course, one cannot talk about music in Yankton without mentioning the culminating event for the summer, Yankton Riverboat Days and Summer Arts Festival. Musical acts pepper the park during the day, and a highlight band plays each evening, leaving visitors entertained throughout the festival. When the warm summer breeze turns to the crisp fall air and biting winter frost, the music does not die. It does what many of us in South Dakota do- it moves indoors and creates inviting, cozy spaces to drift away. Inside the bars, restaurants, school auditoriums, and occasionally someone’s personal living room, the melodies mingle until they can burst forth in Spring and begin anew. EXPRESS LAUNDROMAT 2020 Elm St. – Behind Walgreens Laundry Machines To Fit Any Size Load And Budget Relax at Diggers Casino & Bar Next Door While You Wash & Dry “I’m always amazed by the power of music to bRing PEOPLE together.” – Yankton mayor nathan johnson OPEN 24 HOURS We’re More Than A Grocery Store! •Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits •Food Court •Starbucks •HealthMarket •Fuel Center •Red Box Video Rental •Full Service Pharmacy •Post Office •Floral Shop •Fishing Licenses 2100 Broadway, Yankton 605-665-3412 HyVee Yankton www.VisitYanktonSD.com | Yankton Visitors Guide | 25