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Feature Article disc golf haven By Katelyn Schramm, Guest Writer with FOUR courses in the area (one having amazing lake views), Yankton is a hot spot for this growing sport. Other than middle school P.E. class, my exposure to disc golf was minimal. Many probably relate to that experience. With some recent encounters in the world of disc golf, I find myself wondering why I didn’t take that introduction to an accessible yet challenging sport and run with it. The initial investment to get started involves no more than the purchase of a couple of discs (average cost $17) and knowing the location of a disc golf course. If you happen to know someone who plays the sport, it’s even easier to try your hand because most people who play share a desire to get more people involved and will gladly lend their discs and their disc prowess for an afternoon on a course. As it turns out, I may not be alone in my dismay over a belated interest in disc golf, and I am definitely not the only one that has recently decided to act on my desire to see what this sport has to offer. Disc golf leagues are on the rise across the country, and the organizers of the league in Yankton are leading the charge in Southeast South Dakota! Yankton currently boasts one of the largest disc golf tournaments in the state. The Lewis and Clark Open occurs each summer amidst the scenic backdrop of the Missouri River and Lewis and Clark Lake. Longtime friends and avid disc golfers Jesse Bailey and Brad Link started the tournament based on various experiences they had had at tournaments 28 | Yankton Visitors Guide | www.VisitYanktonSD.com in other states. In just the third year of the tournament, there were 82 participants. Years one and two saw 33 and 48, respectively. Participants have more on the line than the usual fear of losing a beloved disc to the treacherous terrain of the course, with a first-place purse in 2018 of $900. While $900 may not sound like much, one must remember that many disc golf leagues and tournaments are completely volunteer-run, and the purpose of the sport is not to create a league of professionals that separate from the pack of amateurs. Disc golf aims to bring people together to enjoy nature, challenge themselves mentally and physically, and create lifelong friendships. “Brad and I organized the Lewis & Clark Open because Yankton is a beautiful disc golf destination. We want to showcase what our city has to offer.