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VISIT OUR GIFT SHOP He adds, “There are two requirements for any food or drink we have on the property. We have to love it, and it has to be local.” Located in the beautiful Niobrara River Valley 8 miles southwest of Niobrara State Park, Niobrara, NE. One local favorite that visitors can find on site is the ever-popular West Side Park IPA from Ben’s Brewing Company in downtown Yankton. That particular beer may not be on tap at all times, but the pairing of 6th Meridian Hop Farm hops with Ben’s Brewing Company brews is one that many people, including owners of the two businesses and their fans, hope continues for years to come. Owner of Ben’s Brewing Company, Ben Hanten, tells me, “Before we were a brewery, Ryan and Michelle were active in our beer club, and they became enthusiastic supporters for us. We love their hops and try to use them in as many beers as we can. It helps that the hops get delivered by friends. It’s also great that their farm visitors can see what the hops taste like in a fresh local beer.” He’s exactly right. Sitting among the hops sipping a craft brew birthed out of those hops knowing that the whole process from growth to harvest to brew to tap happened within a 5-mile radius creates a feeling that is both surreal and oddly comforting. Kreycik Buffalo Elk & Covered Wagon Tours Open Weekends May 18-Sept. 29 Come get a book and a selfie with Suzie! Reservations Required. WEEKDAYS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Call 402-857-3850 For Reservations www.nebraskaelktours.com email: kreycikelkranch@yahoo.com Share your talents in a new way ... in a new setting! Prayer Community Service One Heart, One Soul Consider our RESIDENTIAL VOLUNTEER PROGRAM An opportunity for single women to enhance their lives by sharing in the life, prayer and ministries of our Monastery for 3 months to a year or more. y www.yanktonbenedictines.org Residential Volunteer Program Director: Sr. Bonita: bgacnik@mtmc.edu www.VisitYanktonSD.com | Yankton Visitors Guide | 19