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Feature Article feature article outdoor Adventure By Katelyn Schramm, Guest Writer The Missouri National Recreational River and its surrounding land made up of various beautiful terrain is that of a hunter and fisherman’s dreams. If I mention the words “outdoor adventure”, what do you think about? For many, that probably depends on the part of the world in which they reside or where they have visited. Are you picturing mountains? How about the ocean? Remote desert lands? Do you have to drive miles and miles to get away from city lights and into a quiet place where nature rules? When visiting Yankton, SD, outdoor adventure is right here! As the original capitol of the Dakota Territory, Yankton holds historical prestige for its role in the progression of settlement in the West- a once untapped landscape turned to homesteads as people spread across the United States. Add to that the fact that the Lewis and Clark Trail winds through this area, and this setting automatically invokes wild images of crossing the river on a raft made of logs, spearing a fish for dinner, and walking through open fields where one can see for miles. It’s true that the river and surrounding landscape has changed since the days of Lewis and Clark, but the current scene is not a far cry from the setting they experienced. This area still draws people in with a reputation for unparalleled pheasant hunting and wonderful walleye fishing, and the fact that one can be in town one minute and feel surrounded by the great outdoors five minutes later, makes Yankton the perfect backdrop for your next outdoor adventure. 26 | Yankton Visitors Guide | www.VisitYanktonSD.com Feeling the urge to connect with nature and experience outdoor adventure here but have no clue where to start? Want to take your family outside and away from screens and busy schedules to re-connect? While the idea of an outdoor adventure can seem overwhelming with the financial commitment for proper equipment, the planning it takes to find the perfect activity, and the amount of knowledge one needs to stay safe in the wilderness, there are plenty of ways to experience the outdoors without the stress. Beginners can start small with a walk along the poured paths by the Missouri River or a dip in the swimming area of Lake Yankton or Lewis & Clark Lake . Star gazing from the hill near the Gavin’s Point Dam is another relaxing treat. When a bigger adventure calls your name, Erin “Chummy” Riibe, owner of Riibe Outdoors, has a solution to scratch your adventurous itch. As a child, Chummy loved to hunt and fish with his family and spent plenty of time on the Missouri River at the family cabin near Ponca. His love for the outdoors took him to Alaska as a sport fishing guide for 16 years, and his passion eventually lead to a business plan to share outdoor adventure with others. While Riibe’s primary commitment is to his full-time tenured teaching position at Mount Marty College, he takes advantage of the school breaks