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to shepherd people through adventures on the Missouri River. His vision started with a custom-built boat to accommodate the changing river conditions. “There are stumps, sand bars, and a channel that changes drastically from one spot to the next, so a normal boat isn’t the best idea for navigating up and down our portion of the Missouri River,” Riibe explains. Equipped for success, Riibe Outdoors has everything one needs to go duck hunting, bow fishing, walleye or any kind of sport fishing, paddle fish snagging, paddle fish bow fishing, and touring on the river. Plus, you get the idea when talking with Chummy that he’s open to ideas if you have something in mind! When you sign up for an outing with Riibe Outdoors, the most important thing you’ll need to take along is an attitude for adventure. “I like to take people out to enjoy nature and show them that our river has so much to offer. It’s about the experience and, of course, a bit of education, given that my full-time job is as a professor. Other places offer outings that are all about catching limits and winning a prize. My groups will often catch limits and reach their goals too, but I want the focus to be on the enjoyment of nature and the experience of the day,” shares Riibe. Chummy credits the success of outdoor adventure experiences in Yankton to the spirit of the Yankton community. “There’s a team effort to bring people here and get them outside to see the beauty that surrounds L&M Radiator, Inc., is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and distributor of MESABI® heat exchangers that services equipment in mobile construction,mining, agriculture, rail road and oil and gas industries. We are hiring for all shifts in all areas of production. this community. We’re proud of what Yankton has to offer and eager to share it with others.” We offer competitive wages, great benefit package, 401K Applications can be completed by going to MESABI.COM www.VisitYanktonSD.com | Yankton Visitors Guide | 27