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Parks be outdoors Augusta Park 2901 Fox Run Pkwy. | 1 Acre Park Aviation Park East 31st St. | 4 Acre Park Crockett Park 11th St. & Pennsylvania St. | 0.5 Acre Park Fantle Memorial Park 21st St. & Douglas Ave. | 18.5 Acre Park Fox Run Park 2810 Adkins Dr. | 3 Acre Park Marne Creek West Greenway West City Limits Rd. | 13.5 Acre Park Meridian Bridge Plaza Walnut St. S. of 2nd St. | 1 Acre Park Morgen Park 11th St. & Green St. | 3 Acre Park Ridgeway Park 29th St. & Ruth St. | 1.4 Acre Park Riverside Park Douglas Ave. & Levee St. | 32 Acre Park Rotary Nature Area 7th St. & Burleigh St. | 5.5 Acre Park Sertoma Park 15th St. & Ferdig St. | 28 Acre Park Summit Activities Center 1801 Summit St. | 78 Acre Park Tripp Park 8th St. & Broadway Ave. | 2 Acre Park Water Works Park Levee St. & Walnut St. | 6 Acre Park Westside Park 5th St. & Summit St. | 10.5 Acre Park Yankton Municipal Cemetery 25th St. & Douglas Ave. | 15.25 Acres trek our trails 1. Arboretum Trail The Arboretum Trail follows the perimeter of the Yankton High School and the Summit Activities Center located at 1801 Summit Street. 1.4 miles, 8’ wide asphalt, flat grade on north half, incline on south half. 2. Auld-Brokaw Trail The Auld-Brokaw Trail parallels Marne Creek through the heart of Yankton. 2.75 miles, 10’ wide concrete (Trailhead near Yankton Chamber & Visitors Center to Summit Street), moderate grade with a few slopes exceeding five percent. 3. Calumet Bluff Trail .9 miles, 8’ wide primitive dirt surface, varied grade with some steep inclines. This trail, which is located next to the Crofton Golf Course on Highway 121, is an “out and back” trail, meaning hikers will have to backtrack to the starting point making the total hike 1.8 miles. 4. Chalk Bluffs Multi-Use Trail 4.1 miles, crushed asphalt surface, varied grade including moderate to fairly steep inclines. Great for equestrian riders, hikers and mountain bikers. 5. Chief White Crane Trail 1 mile, 9’ wide crushed asphalt surface, flat grade. This trail connects with Deer Boulevard Trail. 6. Corps of Discovery Welcome/Visitor Center Nature Trail .7 miles, primitive birding and hiking trail circles the perimeter of grounds. Located at the Corps of Discovery Welcome Center; three miles south of Yankton on Highway 81. 7. Deer Boulevard Trail 1.9 miles, 10’ wide, crushed asphalt surface, flat grade. This trail connects with Chief White Crane Trail and Lewis & Clark Lake Trail. 8. Fantle Memorial Park Trail Located along Douglas Avenue and Mulberry Street between 19th Street and 21st Street. 1 mile around perimeter of park with additional interior trails, perimeter is 6’ wide concrete, interior trails are 8’ wide asphalt, flat grade. 9. Gavins Point Nature Trail 1.2 miles, hiking trail, natural wood chip and dirt surface. 10. Highway 52 Trail Paralleling Highway 52 from West City Limits Road to the National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium, this section connects the city trail system to trails found along Lewis & Clark Lake. 3.14 miles, 8’ wide asphalt, flat with one moderate incline exceeding 5%. 17. Nebraska Primitive Trail 1 mile, 8’ wide primitive dirt surface, mostly flat grade with a few steep inclines. This hiking/biking trail is located on the south side of the Meridian Bridge (parking adjacent). Signage will guide you to the trail access points. 11. James River Trail The primitive and scenic trail continues from East 8th Street out to the James River and has various grades, including moderate to fairly steep inclines. 4.3 miles, 5’ wide, paved only one mile and flat from Rotary Park along East 7th Street, Highway 50, Ferdig Avenue and East 8th Street. 18. South Shore Trail 3.5 miles, 10’ wide primitive dirt surface, varied grade with moderate inclines. Great for equestrian riders, hikers and mountain bikers. 12. Lewis & Clark Lake Trail 6.9 miles, including loops, 8’ wide asphalt, flat grade. This scenic trail winds from the Pierson Ranch Recreation Area and throughout the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area. 13. Majestic Bluffs Trail Located near the Majestic Bluffs living community at 2111 W. 11th Street, this half-mile trail provides a paved stroll with a view of the countryside, pond, and twin fountains. .5 miles, 10’ wide concrete, flat grade. 14. Marne Creek West Greenway Trail This trail leads from Marne Creek West Greenway, home to the community gardens and dog park and located along West City Limits Road, to the on-street trail of 23rd Street. .25 miles, 8’ wide crushed concrete, slight slope. 15. Meridian Bridge Trail This trail is the historic double-deck Meridian Bridge, which had its dedication ceremony on October 11, 1924. The bridge spans the Missouri National Recreational River, which is a National Park. .5 miles each level, 12’ concrete, no slope on lower level, steep slope on upper level entry ramps. 16. Nebraska Meridian Trail 1.2 miles, 10’ wide asphalt, flat to moderate grades. This begins east of Gavins Point Dam and runs along the Missouri River and Highway 121 to Murdo’s Restaurant in Aten. 19. Miller Creek Trail .75 miles, 10’ wide primitive dirt surface, varied grade to moderate inclines. This nature hiking trail is located in the Miller Creek area of the Nebraska Lewis & Clark Recreation Area. 20. Trailhead to Riverside Park Trail This section of the trail follows Marne Creek to the Missouri River and then meanders along the Missouri River through Riverside Park. 1.5 miles, 10’ wide concrete from Trailhead near Yankton Chamber & Visitors Center to Riverside Park and 8’ wide asphalt in park, flat grade. 21. Trailhead to Paddlewheel Point Trail .4 miles, 10’ wide concrete, flat grade. The Trailhead is located west of the Yankton Chamber & Visitors Center at 803 E. 4th Street. 22. Toe Road / Lake Yankton Prairie Trail 2.5 miles, on-road and off-road paved, flat grade. The on-road portion travels from the Lewis and Clark Lake Trail, past Pierson Ranch and Cottonwood Campgrounds. Part is off-road and becomes a 10’ wide asphalt path that heads down to the shores of Lake Yankton. 23. Westside Park to West City Limits Road Trail This trail stretches from Westside Park, located at Fifth and Summit, to the western edge of Yankton. .75 miles, 8’ wide concrete, flat grade. View more details and an interactive map of our trails at www.cityofyankton.org under the “Have Fun” section. www.VisitYanktonSD.com | Yankton Visitors Guide | 31