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Yankton Targets World Championships The world’s best archers will compete in Yankton this year, but our city’s NFAA Easton Archery Center also welcomes people who have yet to shoot an arrow. More than 300 archers from over 31 countries will converge in Yankton to compete at the World Archery Indoor Championships in 2018. “Hosting this many athletes and guests is not anything new to the staff at the Easton Yankton Archery Center,” says Nancy Wenande, a leader at the center. “We host the First Dakota Classic every year and bring in over 300 archers for a weekend event.” In 2015 the center hosted the Youth Outdoor World Championships. But the 2018 Championships, held in February, are the first indoor championships held in Yankton. A new addition was added to the Archery Center to accommodate the competitors. International archers loved their stay in Yankton, and often commented on the friendly atmosphere. “They love the small town feel, which makes them feel like a ‘big deal’ in Yankton,” says Wenande. “They received acknowledgement and a warm welcome everywhere they went.” The archers’ favorite places included the pedestrian Meridian Bridge and historic downtown. Wenande says they also loved the prairie’s open spaces. “Many of them have never had the opportunity to experience the vastness of what South Dakota has to offer.” Yankton may be a new and exciting destination for many of the visitors, but the archers seem to feel at home inside the Easton Archery Center, amid the bulls eyes and bows. But Wenande likes to remind everyone that you don’t have to be a renowned archer to enjoy the center. “Almost daily we have people walk through the doors with no archery experience who want to tour the facility or learn more about the sport,” she says. Tours include a stop at the NFAA National Museum, home to thousands of archery artifacts and memorabilia. The complex also houses an exercise studio with Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Yoga, Zumba and other dance classes. A local artist, Sue Hill, hosts classes inside the art studio. Souvenirs and memorabilia are also available in the gift shop. After the tour, get ready to shoot. “We currently have a 90 meter, 30,000 square feet range that is open for anyone to shoot in,” says Wenande. “If you have no experience, for a $10 day pass we can give you basic instruction on safety and equipment. You can use our bows, arrows and safety gear for the entire day. We have many families that come in as something different to do together. “ For more information on visiting the NFAA Easton Archery Center, Call 605-260-9282 or visit www.YanktonArcheryComplex.org. vSouth Dakota Magazine Yankton, South Dakota – 35