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R Í Q R Í Q Legend Vistor Information Boat Ramp Family Fun Golf Course R ã Q Paved Trail On-Road Trail R Ï Q Unimproved Trail Missouri River R ñ Q Heritage Acres Sherwood Acres Marina Dell Estates Oak Park Addition English Heights Addition Woodland Estates Stone Addition Rolling Hills Addition Oak Hills Addition rk & Cla Lewis n Area atio Recre s Gavin Point Lewis & Clark Resort Kaiser Overlook Pierson Ranch Missouri View Addition 5 E 2 Gavins Point R Ï Q National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium 12 Lewis & Clark Marina D on Yankt Unit it ay U n Unit Timberland Park U Flaxfield Estates 1 Lake Yankton ood Cottonw d un Campgro 11 C Dam B Calumet Landing Point Midw C 3 Crestview Estate s Gavin Oakhill Addition #6 A of e use Ho Shrin ary M Kingsley Knolls Pioneer Hills Addition G Chief White Crane Campground Riverside Acres D Larson's Landing Lewis & Clark Lake Area H South Shore J Bloomfield - 1 Mile Miller Creek - 3 Miles Weigand Marina Burbach Walker Valley Deepwater Area I NE Tailwaters Campground W Missouri National Recreational River Lewis and Clark Visitor Center Hideaway Acres û ? 38 – Yankton, South Dakota Yankton, South Dakota – 35